Vincent van Gogh: Almond Blossom (Foiled Journal) (Flame Tree Notebo

Titulo: Vincent van Gogh: Almond Blossom Journal Tree Notebooks
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A Versatile Blank Journal: Make writing fun again with this notebook from Flame Tree. These A5 notebooks are beautiful as they are practical. This easy-to-carry diary notebook can be used as a daily journal travel journal, doodle pad, art and crafting journal.
High Quality Blank Journal for Everyday Use: This 176 page journal is finely bound with covers featuring well-loved artworks which are printed on foil paper then embossed and stamped, resulting in a journal notebook with a unique surface.
A Functional Gift For Anyone: This Flame Tree notebook features many practical features. Designed with a back pocket for receipts & scraps, ribbons that can be used to bookmark important pages, and a solid magnetic side to keep it secure.
Great Art and Poetry Notebook: This journaling notebook features high quality lined paper that allows you to write on its surface without worrying about bleed through. Great for those who love to use their gel pen for poetry or markers for drawings.
Bringing the Art of Fine Gifts: Flame Tree offers meticulously designed beautiful notebooks meant to inspire and delight. Explore our captivating range of designs that ignite creativity and elevate your writing experience.

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